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I have done something very wrong. I will begin from the start, I had sex with 2 prostitutes. I started to see a girl who I fell in love with. I never told her that I had sex with prostitutes because she hates people who have sex with prostitutes. After that I thought that what I did was Wrong so I went to the golden temple and asked for forgiveness and took a dip in the holy water. We were not in a relationship, I just hang out with her. Had fun and laughs with her. One day I made a mistake(I accidentally sent our pictures to her elder brother)and she got very angry with me. She wasn’t talking to me and when she started to talk to me things weren’t the same...its been a month and then I was feeling down. I again went to a prostitute and had sex with her. I can’t tell her my reality because for her I am a very sweet guy. I am feeling very bad right now, I made such a bad decision. I don’t know what to do, I have disrespected the holy water at the golden temple, Will god trust me again?, I am just so sorry. Please tell me what to do. I don’t want to tell her my reality but I really love her and that’s the problem. If I truly loved her I wouldn’t have gone to a prostitute. Will Vaheguru Ji forgive me? I am so hurt by my own actions. I really do love that girl and now the guilt is becoming so big. Kindly, help me. I beg for forgiveness and please help me out. What should I do? Please just help me out of this mess I created.