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2015-05-12 22:57:02 -0500 answered a question need info about a community who call themselves gursikh but i doubt

Manpreet ji.I really appreciate the way you asked about this community. most of the people start comments if they see any dera not belong to Guru Granth sahib. I also belong to this community.I can help you a lot to know about hidden truth about Guru Granth Sahib.and dasam Granth. It is clearly written there Guru Gobind Singh ji will take a birth again after 250 years with can find out about Nehklank in Guru Granth sahib. Akalpurakh God who created this whole universe comes at this maatlok only once in 3976 Yugs. That is the period now we living in. This is very wide subject can't write all the things. If you want to know only about GOD please call me or give me miss call I will help you.+6421533510 Ravinder Singh