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2015-04-14 04:12:33 -0500 answered a question Animals allowed to enter the Gurdwara?

well according to me, they dont allow animals in gurdwara because they dont want any disturbance inside. since animals are free and have difference behaviors , they are not allowed to enter. just dont worry, its not your fault. I know you like and want to take your rabbit to gurdwara. and i also know the way they treat (bhai jis) people. What they think is that your rabbit may create disturbance or something. believe in karma. let the god deal with them.

2015-04-14 03:53:27 -0500 answered a question Will i go to hell?

i would like to say that there is no any imaginary place like hell and heaven in sikhism. since you have accepted your mistakes, its better to compensate. everything depends on karma. if you did good karma, then you will receive good things and if you did bad then you will receive bad. the only way to undo the bad karma is to do good deeds , like helping someone etc. And yes, its good to return it back. just go there and insert the money inside the donation box (golak). everyone make mistakes, but the ones who learn from their mistakes are rare. peace ;)