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Just do ardaas and bow your head in thankfulness for even the feelings he gave you. A lot of these times you feel you have given too much of yourself away.Who are you to give anything away,when it was all the Guru's? Your duty is to be pure and selfless in your feelings and that's all you can be responsible for.Her feelings she is responsible for, to care for someone purely is a gift few have and seldom appreciated; thank Waheguru ji for making you innocent enough and pray to him to preserve your innocence.Stay blessed.

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It's not an easy decision and let us also not decide for anybody.If someone wants to be a Guruwala/wali let her do it, to accept or reject is the Guru's job. Our Guru is fair and all merciful, once you are an amritdhari I believe he is the guardian of your amrit.So he shall take care that your spouse comes around or give you a separate life within that house.One step is yours and the rest the Guru takes or so I hope.