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i have seen these videos as well as the answers. but my ques is not answered yet. i am not a teenager...and my question is not about teenager relationship,breakup and all. It is also not about if I should take amrit,and what if I couldnt follow it. please provide answer.

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ssa g i am non amritdhari...but planing to become amritdhari. i have a best friend who belongs to a sikh family,but he is non amritdhari. he does not cut his hair or beard lyk the young generation. but i am not sure whthr in future he will continue his practice of non cutting or not.although i am 99% sure that he wont be indulged in any sort of cutting.he goes to gurudwara. but he drinks sometime...coz of company. If i become amritdhari,can i marry him after that too? can only two amritdharis(husband and wife) share food? can i take the amrit before marriage or shud i take it aftr marriage? is it necessary that only 2 amritdhari can marry each other???

please answer all my questions asap. I luv him...nd c him perfect in all aspects, He is a nyc human and respect sikhism.

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by saying that if u r getting pain,dt is coz of ur deeds, It did not mean that getting hurt by someones abuse. It was in other direction, if u are getting me. but yes,u r getting hurt by someones abuse,den its natural....but I will again say,be nyc to him/her,one day the person will understand, and respect you. so be patient. tc :) Rabb Rakha

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If a person is abusing you,he is doing a sinful act. if u r getting pain,this is definitely coz of ur deeds. gurbani says...aape beej aape hi khao,nanak hukmi aave jao. meaning...wtever karma u do,u only will get the fruit ,not anyone else. so if any1 else is doing sinful deeds.he will get the fruit accordingly,not u. if sm1 abuses u,dont abuse in return. let the karma decide. u live ur life..... god has each and evry detail of evry1s deeds. he is there to divide the fruits for evry1. so dont worry. live ur life and b nice to evry1,even to the person who abuses u.

GURU GOBIND SINGH JI is a saint seepahi. he had no bad feelings even for aurangzeb.