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asked 2016-02-02 19:30:14 -0500

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women and men

this is bugging me

as a woman myself and knowing other women, we love very deeply and sincerely, and once we have our heart broken, our guards are never down and usually never the same. yet guys just move on very simple.. ;[ I have seen and experienced so many real life examples, where the girl was bawling her eyes out and the guy forgot about her like the next day.
women have that yearning for men, that men do not have for women at all (atleast not in the sense that a woman has).

q # 1: do men really don't care that much about women? be honest guys ( please don't be diplomatic, I just wanna know what actual guys think)

q2 : also I know respected yogi bhajjan wrote several books, if any of you are aware, can anyone reccomend me a book that would go into details about this issue, and how as a woman you can remove this weakness.