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How can I get rid of my sufferings

To be very clear I am 30 years old unmarried girl never have a boyfriend earlier. Left no stone unturned to get a decent job but failed in all attempts. Everyone accused me here in India people hold me responsible for remain unmarried and jobless. On top of that Waheguru is not ending all this mess. No one cares about me not even waheguru Gmom used to tell me I am his own child then why he is punishing me. I have tried a lot cooping up with the circumstances but all in vain. Sometimes feel like putting an end to my life. You know waheguru is nothing but a fake fear in our mind nothing else. Committing suicide is not a crime. When you have no aim to lead this useless life. Now I strongly believe what others think about myself is exactly waheguru think of me. Then why he is not killing me. Since he stores nothing for me.