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One spirt again and again in dream

Sir befor I was dreaming about one girl who had spirt more me in dream I saw her in dream many time she always behind me making me scared one day she start follow me et was havy rain every we're was full water I try to run from her but she was to fast end up I stand front of her and I ask her what do you want from me she ans I don't pray enough then I ans I am trying sister then she start laugh first time I saw laughing in my dream but how she was laughing I look her eyes she tell me that she ll not come again and is true she didn't come again ..and sir one day in other dream I was sleeping in my home 4 people they come and hold my neck I start get scared I run to my parent my parent they say they can't help me then I go to my brother he also didn't help me then I start pray in dream and those 4 people start lough they say I am pray for them they are Singh shaheed and no one can save me only God can save me then I wake up