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Wondering Mind

Waheguru Ji,

My mind has been wondering and seems to me the only thing I want is a relationship with a girl. I'm a guy in my early twenties. I try to meditate everyday along with reading some Bani. Whenever I have gone to look for a relationship, I have always got in trouble and that has affected my life in many bad ways. I tell myself not to go after someone because I know I will be hurt. But I still wonder off into the fantasy world without looking at the reality then end up devastated. Unfortunately that's the only thing I think about most of my days. I have school and other activities but nothing seems to keep my mind away. I don't want to go through that cycle of pain again and again. This has made me do things I could have never imagined and will regret.

I was thinking of going to India and having the traditional arrange marriage there so I won't have to think about finding someone again and again.

Is there a bani or Shabad I can recite? I will recite it.

Please forgive me If I offended anybody.