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Subconscious character

Some people love to be wrong. I once saw some people doing kirtan and they were in ecstasy. I saw some other people dancing and drinking later that night. They were in ecstasy too. And somebody said to me, "I wish all those people could have been at the kirtan." I said, "No. These people are doing kirtan, they are in ecstasy. God wants this ecstasy. There is equal ecstasy in this dance. Drinking and dancing, to them that’s ecstasy. Who are we to judge it?" In our subconscious character, we have a faculty of self-destruction. It starts with all those who love us, we start testing them… even God. Therefore we cannot trust God. And when we cannot trust our own Maker- our own reality, our own infinity – then we do three things. Either we isolate, or we become hookers, or we become crooks. Without God three characters have to be formed. You want to fish for people. And you disguise your hook with bait and call it love, or call it affection, or intelligence, or reason, or logic, or a philosophy, or an idea. If there is a one God, there is ONE idea that is that there is One God. There’s no more ‘philosophy’ about it. There’s no more ‘reality’ about it. There’s no faculty for it. What does he mean by in our subconscious character and there on ?.