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How to be firm in sikhi

Often at times i go off the path the sikhi when I become discouraged, when I see that my nature has not changed or I'm not feeling love for God. Sometimes it feels that I'm uttering god's praises at a cremation ground , because at some points I don't have that love for God. My question is do we continue with paath even if u don't feel a connection? Or will u over time develop a connection with God again? I have these up and down periods in sikhi when I am imbued with God and feeling Anand bliss and feel yearning for God and other times when I feel disconnected from God and then abruptly stop paath and simran. How do I become so firm in sikhi so that I stay doing my nitnem daily without worrying about the things going on in life? I feel that people who do their nitnem daily are such happy people and have such perfect destiny. How do I develop a steadfast faith and how do I not waver when disaster hits?