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Seeing God within

A long time ago, I made a commitment to improve myself and just keep learning in order to heal from something painful and a dark period in my life. It was really great because it motivated me closer to God and I started doing regular prayers, understanding Gurbani, simran, helping others selflessly and working hard, and really just being who I always strived to be. I try to also care for my body. A week ago I realized that somewhere along this way, I have started to feel like nothing is enough. I originally was walking towards healing and I was happy within myself. Some stuff has happened over the last couple of weeks. Now I really feel like I am running from pain, that improving myself has become about not being happy with who I am. I think that being happy in yourself is about loving God within ourselves, and right now I am stuck. I am stuck on this thought: If I was doing enough, if I really had my heart in Gurbani and was living by my values, that I would not feel this much pain. We strive to be in a state where we are unaffected by the pains and pleasures of life, and overcomes the pull of maya. I feel like I am trying as much as I can and failing. I think I’m feeling pain because I’m not accepting God’s will. Instead of seeing it as God's will, i see events as a personal failing. I guess my question is how to break this thought. Secondly, how to rebuild that feeling that I’m enough, that God is within me and that i should be happy as who i am. I feel like i'm already trying to do the best i can and i want some advice.