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I need help getting back into Sikhism

I have started to get back into Sikhi after I cut my hair 2 years ago. My family raised me as a full fledge Sikh I used wear kirpans and khandas on my dastar as a kid but I never understood the concept of Sikhi at all and I blame my family for not explaining anything to me instead they forced me into Sikhi. When I was 15 , I cut my hair I had been acting like a atheist for 5 or 6 years and my kesh and dastar was not working out as it would get messed up in sports. My mom was sick of combing and tying my dastar and I used to see her miserable look as she called me over and if it didn't work out I skipped class and my mom and I had lots of fights my grades went down dramatically and I became failure. After I cut my hair I went through sort of a rebuild my grades went up and I quit being atheist (but not a believer in Sikhi) also I got back a good relationship with my mother back. Last year though I went through a tough time and I got very depressed , I started listening to daily hukumnamas after rehrass sahib on Tv and it helped alot it continued like this for weeks later I found myslef listening to rehrass sahib and in a matter of 3 months I memorised it. Now another year later now I have started to realize why we came here and about birth death cycle etc. , I learned about our Gurus amazing stories and the power of seva and praying. I realized now that I made such a mistake by leaving Sikhi but than I also realized that had I not cut my hair and not started over I still would have been a atheist right now. I want to become a Singh again after I graduate school and I wanted to know what I can do to not let the past happen again , I have a problem with very long hair is their anyway I can shorten it using a laser and than stop cutting my hair for good?