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A response to this article?

^^ I found this rather...revealing and odd article online, on a forum. I've seen this question arise many times, and at first, was repulsed that someone would make claims that might not be rooted in truth. But after examining this article and some others like it, and taking out the initial bias, I'm not sure what to think anymore. I do believe in symbolism, and the power of it, but there are probably some instances mentioned in this article that might be pushing it too far. Personally, to me this isn't evidence of a limitless imagination, but rather a confusion of beliefs. I am a total believer in the positive effects of social freedom, expression and human connection, but there doesn't seem to be any "defense" or "counter-evidence" to claims made in arguments like the one in the link above. (Sorry for posting a link rather than a summary, as the article is very large).

SO...does anyone have, for a lack of a better term, an explanation for the points mentioned in the peculiar article? I know a lot of "outraged" people want "answers" to this kind of thing, but I ask kindly for maybe an explanation, rather than a fiery defense. I think this sort of topic must be discussed, not argued over, as so many accusers fail to do. Thank you so much, and please do not attach a link/tell me to read a book. I wouldn't mind listening to (reading) a long and intriguing lecture. :)

God bless!