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So is it OK to bring Yoga and Sikhi on the same platform?

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I as a Sikh feel that lot can be learnt from Yoga and it's meditation practices. Yoga is term which simply means addition in layman terms and merging back with ultimate reality (i.e. God) in highly spiritual terms. But because of it's Indian background and Hindu religious terms people have started looking upon it as a Hindu Religious practice rather than a Science of it's own. In China tai chi has a lot of influence of Yogic practices and it is widely Accepted in Tibetan Buddhism also, I don't know why so much of fuss is made these days over this among Sikhs. While Historically speaking Sikhism has had close relationship with Yogis..Baba Sri Chand, Son of Guru Nanak became a Yogi, then Guru Gobind Singhji wrote clearly that in his previous birth he was a Yogi who mediated in Hemkunt. And to those who doubt Dasam Granth and reject Baba Sri Chand at least they won't be able to reject that a practising Yogi or a siddha Madho Dass was chosen by Guru Gobind Singhji to lead the Sikhs in their Armed struggle, who became Baba Banda Singh Bahadur.. Hence we must be open minded and accept that all paths (if not involving futile dogmatic practices and beliefs or hypocrisy) can lead to liberation or Nirbana or to Sachkhand (whatever we may call)

So, Instead of competing with each other and looking down upon a practice just because of it's Himalayan or Indian background is so childish, rather a lot can be learnt by studying both in Good spirit. All efforts should be made to remove the misconceptions and use of yoga's practices be promoted to augment our focus and concentration towards Waheguru and Gurbani, it will also help the Sikhs to become more fit physically and more stable mentally such things will only help in honing our skills in Gurbani, why we forget that Guru Angad Devji promoted Kushti (An Indian Martial Art) so that his Sikhs become more physically fit, he never thought that his reputation will come down if he promotes "Hindu or Ancient Indian martial Art". I urge let's take a larger view rather than mere seeing it with a myopic view of being converted into a 'Hindu Practice'. Let's be broad minded and let's bring a change

Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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answered 2016-07-24 00:40:27 -0500

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Is there a connection between Sikhi and Yoga?

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Do we need to follow the Guru to be a Sikh?

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