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Why didn't Sikhism spread beyond the boundaries of Indian Punjab?

asked 2015-11-30 00:41:35 -0500

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Sikhs have been claiming that Sikhism is a universal religion for the whole humanity. In Gurdwaras, Sikh leaders keep shouting "Sikh Mahaan, Sikhi Mahaan" (Sikhs are Great, Sikhism is Great). If it is so then why didn't non Punjabis in India embrace Sikhism. Why do Sikhs want to keep their faith within few Punjabis only, in fact the Sikh Gurus didn't stop anyone from propagating Sikhism during those days.

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answered 2015-11-30 06:14:49 -0500

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I don't remember which guru, but the guru sent out parcharaks/preachers about sikhi outside of Punjab. I remember also being a very high amount of women, more women preachers then compared to today. And it is an also a choice the sikh leadership made. That they didn't translate sggs in English and Hindi until very recently like i stated in the previous question. But there is also one important thing we should remember.

We complain alot. But we forget that we are the Leadership of sikhi in the future. If we are willing to take the responsibility.

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Awakening to Leadership

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Problems in the Panth

You will notice that they will bring diffrent views on topics. Decide for yourself on what you feel is right.

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