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marraige and intercourse

asked 2015-11-04 06:58:30 -0600

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Hey! I am 24 years old man. In 1 or 2 years i am going to get married. When I get married can I have sex with my wife, with sex positions and not bad sex positions? I do not like oral sex and other bad positions. But which positions is related to vagina and penis? Or should I do normal sex?

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answered 2015-11-06 20:20:31 -0600

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Well once you get married, you can have whatever kind of sex you want, but I advise that you do not. It is lust and against Sikhi because it is of Maya. Its your choice to do these bad things or not. Having sex for procreation is the only sex saintly people have. So do that if you wanna be according to gurbani.

Please next time dont explain what positions and what types of sex you do and do not like.


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answered 2015-11-10 05:26:58 -0600

Cloud gravatar image

Now normally I would've suggest you to get the book Kama Sutra positions. It's especially made for people who got arranged marriage and had no sexual experience previously for both parts. Things were different 2000 years ago. Changing is constant.

I agree with God is good and I'm just going to quote Tigress here:

That right there is a big problem. Women are not objects. You should not be getting married because it's the thing to do, nor should you do it just to have sex. I would strongly recommend rethinking the way you think about women and sex...

And then comes the religious card:

in Sikhi lust is harmful and women are completely equal to men. Get this Indian wife stereotype out your head...

You watch blue porno films and want to experience the same thing with your future bride you've only seen very briefly *experience may very in different families*. Waiting for her education so that you can F her.

In your mind that sounds great! You've learned in life that you have to be "active" in first 6 months of marriage and then the intercourse will die out. Now that idea is built on an indian philosophy that says.

Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it quickly before it melts away!

But you do your Lavaan, have a big indian wedding and then you get to the flowery bed full of petals with this stranger that now will be your wife till someone dies first. You do the stuff that the blue porno films thought you, but the chance of that it will be successful is only 10% and it proves to be a very ineffective and also a painful experience. Not at all as you wanted it to be like in the blue porno films. Your sexual fantasy get destroyed. Now what do you do?

There is also an another indian philosophy that has been relevant in many ages.

Life is like a candle. Before it melts away, illuminate the room.

image description

YouTube - Be the Lighthouse

This philosophy I personally think is the same as the guru's teachings.

This question is too big to answer in 1 post so I'll recommend you getting this book for your questions. image description Man to Man: The Men's Teachings Of Yogi Bhajan

You can either buy it or you can "borrow" it from a "friend". I've bought this book myself.

Good Luck


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