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Turban/Patka concern

asked 2015-06-14 22:21:51 -0500

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I've worn a patka my entire life - 18 years - and I've recently realized that I've been putting on my patka too tight. Unfortunately, I now have a dark line running across my forehead where my patka usually sits. It looks absolutely terrible.

My question is whether any others have faced this same problem and if so, how did you solve it?

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answered 2015-06-16 15:06:31 -0500

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its not a line, its either a tan line that goes away with time beacuse of the fact that your top skin is not exposed to the sun underneath the patka or you have a dent in your head from tying a tight patka.

a knotable thing is that if you are 18 and still weaing a patka you should be ashamed. you should of stopped whering a childs attire at 10.

those who wore patke in gurus time and times of the great sants like sant jarnail singh etc could never enter the gurus darbar (gurdwra) untill they had tied a dastar first.

learn how to tie a propper dumalla/ dastar / ghol dastar dumalla.

pagari is not a sikh dastar and therefore should not be encouraged.

but if pagari is all you can tie that is also fine. stop wearing a patka.

some advice.

never tie your kes wet.

never tie your kes tight

never tie a patka for too long

twist the kes do not plat/brade it

comb kes twice a day

tie jhoora in the middle of your head never at the front or at where you forhead is

tie a bunga

wash kes every 2-3 days

never role or jell your beard kes

have upmost respect for kes it is the image of the guru and we uphold it with our lifes take amrit and become a full sikh.


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