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different between bindrawala preaching and gurdwara preaching

asked 2015-05-01 04:09:41 -0500

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different between bindrawala preaching and gurdwara preaching

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answered 2015-05-03 09:42:33 -0500

Jaskirat Kaur gravatar image

WJKK WJKF In my opinion, they should be the same. Sant Jarnail Singh was religious and he did attend the Gurdwara. Both Singh Ji and the Gurdwara stress the importance of meeting Waheguru and attending Sachkand. Please forgive me if I misspelled anything and/or if I offended you WJKK WJKF

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answered 2015-08-06 08:20:30 -0500

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

We are allowed weapons in a Gurdwara, Guru Ji himself had weapons including guns. We've been taught to defend our religion and the meek, and never to use are weapons to hurt anyone innocent.

In front of Sri Guru Grant Sahib Ji is weapons.

Mata Sahib Kaur was given Guru Gobind Singh Ji weapons, and Chur Sahib was done on them.

As kirpan khando karg, tupak tabar ar theer, Saif sarohi sethi yehe hamarai peer Theer tuhi sethi tuhi, tuhi tabar tarwar Naam thuharo jo japai, pheo sind pav paar Kaal tuhi kaali tuhi, tuhi teg ur teer, Tuhi nishani jeet ki, aaj tuhi jag beer (Shastar Mala, Pathshahi 10)

Check out this link, explains the weapons Guru Ji kept

We have orders from Guru Ji to carry weapons e.g. Kirpan.

Please forgive me if i said anything wrong or offended you.

Sat Sri Akaal

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