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i'm a little scared

asked 2015-04-17 02:53:06 -0500

anonymous user


i have a sister in law. she said she doesnt do jaapji sahib, rehraas or anything. she said it aint her prayers. but at midnight, sharp 12, she gets up and do her prayers. she mumbles it to herself. when my brother ask her to sleep. she says she have to finish it. but when my sister ask her, she says she knows every prayers. she even told me her mom does the normal prayers but she never does it. shes always up at midnight, closes her eyes and mumbles to herself. im a little bit scared. does anybody knows what it means? please! i need answers.

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answered 2015-04-22 17:26:44 -0500

Jaskirat Kaur gravatar image

Honestly I'm not sure why she would do that. It is possible that she is lying about not doing Paath. If not then maybe she doesn't do Paath but maybe she does Simran and/or Ardas. If you are really skeptical, I would recommend that you talk to your parents or someone you trust and keep a lookout on what she does. Check to see if she has changed from who she used to be. ..

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answered 2015-04-22 17:27:47 -0500

Jaskirat Kaur gravatar image

Also, don't be scared. Waheguru will take care of everything

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answered 2015-04-28 11:59:55 -0500

singh is king gravatar image

no waheguru wont take care of each and every little thing he has better stuff to do, do your own stuff and stop bothering your sister. Let her do whatever she wants to, if she is remembering god in any way it will reach him if the intentions are pure. Some just keep reading japji sahib without knowing the meaning itself and well even that's good for nothing.

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