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asked 2015-03-17 12:33:50 -0500

panth gravatar image
 Why is it that if you need wahegurus help to solve some issue in your life , it happens but after many years (10-15) years, and all that time you go through hard time in pain, depression . The issue where you were stuck for so many years gets resolved suddenly and you feel so revealed as if a weight has been lifted off you , but why so late .
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answered 2015-03-20 09:59:15 -0500

panth gravatar image

Naam simran help us get through our past karmas effect , what else can we do to bring peace in life. it is hard to get closer to waheguru as can't see him( like we see our parents ) , sometimes even have feeling of doubts, but then remind my self about 10 gurus and their belief in waheguru and their sacrifices . Trying my best to have belief in the highest power , the created of universe as real. Please help ith your views.

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answered 2015-03-19 04:38:53 -0500

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Because past karmas weigh down the things that should be revealed to you. They could be from a past life.

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