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amrit vela

asked 2014-10-27 03:34:09 -0600

manpreet kaur gravatar image

Sat sri akal..... Need some help. Mai hostel reh rahi as due to some prblms in our hostel , asi amrit vele uth k iahnaan nai kr skde , I want to know k asi subah gutka sahib toh bina ishnaan kite path or skde Han? ? Thank u..

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answered 2014-11-03 22:40:06 -0600

manpreetsikhnet gravatar image

Ishnaan or panj ishnaan are means to awaken your mind and make it attentive towards meditation and gurbani. If you cannot do these for some reason, it's fine as long as your are alert while meditating and reciting banis.

On the other hand if ishnaan/panj ishnaan don't make your alert and active, then these are nothing more than mere rituals and don't serve any purpose.

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answered 2014-10-28 02:47:06 -0600

Akali Nihang Gupt Singh gravatar image

Panj Ishnaan

guru ji has given us panj ishnaan when we do not have time for a full ishnaan.

simply washing your 2 hands 2feet and face which adds up to 5 thats why its called 5 (panj) ishnaan and after you have done this then you can touch your gutka and do paath.

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