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What guy has in his head? What is this magic word 'timing'?

asked 2014-07-10 11:43:52 -0500

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he likes me , he look me for a long term , he knows my feelings for him, that I am waiting him to make some move but when I asked where we are standing on? because we are only friends now,( but before 1,5 year we had relationship for 4months), he said to me 'leave the time do its thing',how long I have to wait for his move? Should I wait ?Maybe he doesnt want nothing? But again , why he is not telling me if he doesnt want.Maybe he is not telling me the truth

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answered 2014-07-20 02:22:25 -0500

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My personal opinion.

Why put your energy on this relationship without your primary relationships? Don't understand what I mean? Watch this video.

Relationship video

Youth and Having Relationships - YouTube Video

This video I think is very good, especially at the age of 18 when I first watched this video. If you want to reply just press "post a comment".

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