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How to deal with ungrateful people?

asked 2014-01-01 13:29:31 -0600

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I am currently regularly having to work and commute with ungrateful people of whom are causing me a lot of unnecessary cost. In short i use my own car and have three other with me who commute with me none of whom drive. They only contribute towards fuel however they also have caused damage to my vehicle and when i ask them to stop they simply give me responses of how its just part of commuting and how its only a material object. All three are sikhs also however it has got to the point were the amount they pay me for fuel is only covering the damages they cause to my car if not at loss.I am not attached to my car however i have paid a lot of money and worked hard for it so naturally i like to maintain it as much as i can.

My question is that how do i deal with these people should i simply refuse to let them in my car as no matter how many times i have explained to them they simply carry on damaging the car by not getting in and out of it properly nor do they care that they have caused damage. Without me driving their commutes would be very difficult indeed and i do not want them to be in this sort of hardship but at the same time i simply cannot afford to keep having losing money to have my car repaired

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answered 2014-01-02 22:14:16 -0600

Princess Kaur gravatar image

WJKK WJKF, If somebody is troubling you like you said they are damaging your car..then leaving or refusing them is not a solution..before they are going to do such things..take the task in your hand says closing the it several times..take all the task u think they would do in a wrong manner..and do it correctly before all of them..n one day they would learn..etiquettes.. satshri akal ji

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answered 2014-01-05 19:16:01 -0600

Wjkk wjkf brother i understand your issues i have been in a similar situatuion. My company had started a car share policy and at first i thought it was great as it would save on costs. I had a similar story with passengers despite me telling them would do all sorts in the car. In short it only made my commute more dangerous, longer and due to the damages they caused more expensive, in their minds they payed for fuel so they believed they were entitled to treat the car how they wished. I was shocked as i was in a predominatly non sikh workplace commuting with the two other only sikhs in the workplace i thought them to be like brothers. The way i dealt with was to sit down and explain to them what they were doing and that they would now have to pay more in order to recover the costs and would need to behave more. They responded by refusing the extra costs and decided to make their own ways to work of which only showed them how dependent they were on me there commutes were now more longer and expensive, eventually a few weeks later they apoligized and had payed the costs towards the damages they caused, they also behaved a lot more and changed their ways. In short my response to you is to temporarly withdraw what you do for them let them learn how much you do for them and whats its like being on the recieving end of it they will quickly learn and change their ways.

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