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Wife trust

asked 2013-11-01 15:08:43 -0500

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Dear one , one of my friend needs help ... he had sex with various women while being engaged.. And he saw a sikhnet video of guruka Singh .. Guruka Singh said that once you break that trust of your wife then it never gets fixed... which in return have led him to feel guilty and stuck in thoughts ... What shall I advice him?

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answered 2013-11-02 20:43:24 -0500

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updated 2013-11-02 20:59:58 -0500

Sat Nam,

I hope you get a lot of opinions and advice. Here's what I would do.

The point of not cheating on your significant other is that cheating is a slap in the face to the commitment. It makes the spouse feel cheap, and insults God's gift of love. That's one of the reasons why adultery is so horrible. It damages trust, which is the foundation of any relationship. It's like telling Guru, "The man/woman you gifted to me isn't worth it." Your friend should not feel guilty because of the video, but he has to acknowledge what he has done as WRONG, and learn from it. So, instead of feeling bad, he has to improve himself, and take steps to prevent that from ever happening again. He feels horrible because he finally realizes the consequences of his actions. Tell him to seek forgiveness from his wife, but that he should not expect it. Tell him that he has to work on himself first, and that he has to understand what he has done. When a woman knows a man is desiring to take responsibility for his mistakes, trust begins to form again. But for now, he shouldn't even worry about whether or not that will occur. He needs to begin to take on the role of a responsible fiance and soon-to-be husband and get his act together before he commits to a woman for the rest of his life. No woman wants someone who will make a promise, and then go out and do it all over again.

I hope this helps and that your friend is able to prove to himself and his fiance that he can be a faithful and noble husband. God bless you all.

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