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Poison ???

asked 2013-09-18 07:59:59 -0500

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Why meat (non vege) and and alcohol etc are called poisons?

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answered 2013-09-19 02:32:02 -0500

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Sat Nam,

Let's start off with a definition of poison. One of the definitions of poison is: something destructive or harmful (2) : an object of aversion or abhorrence (Merriam-Webster). Using this definition, we can look at exactly why meat and alcohol are considered poisons.

  • Meat is probably the harder one for a lot of people to wrap their heads around. Physiologically, what meat (flesh) is constructed of are fibers, tissues, blood vessels, fat cells, bodily fluids and other things which, for the animal, are important for their function, but for a human being, are highly toxic. Consuming meat is like eating rotten toxic material which takes over 72 hours to digest and is broken down and transported to your cells. All flesh also contains chemicals in it that cause cancer, among other things that contribute to a variety of illnesses. There is also karma in the animal who is killed to be eaten.

    • Alcohol in its nature is a poison. The only reason that it does not kill someone quickly like how other poisons do is because it is not a very strong poison. When someone consumes alcohol, it is absorbed by the stomach and carried into the small intestine, where it enters the blood stream. You know how alcohol hurts when you get it on a cut? When it gets into the organs, it begins to eat away at them, especially the brain. It's a slow acting poison that destroys with every drink.

Guru told us to avoid intoxicants and meat because they pollute your body temple and make it very hard to live a spiritually aware life. In ancient texts, it is said that when one eats meats or consumes alcohol (these are called tamasic foods), they are weighing themselves down mentally and physically with rotting and decaying food, and changing the make up of their brain and personality. They are called poisons because they ARE actually poisons, which your body does NOT need, and have destructive consequences. Meat is physically and "karmically poisonous", and alcohol impairs consciousness that may lead to the drinker hurting someone or doing something that they would never do sober. What may give temporary pleasure is actually a killer in disguise, and pulls you away from being the best that you can be; being aware of your Identity.

I hope this answers your question. There are PLENTY of facts and references to back up the claim that alcohol and meat are poisons. Guru, science, and experience all say that they are poisons, because they are.

God bless you.

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