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asked 2013-09-17 22:34:28 -0600

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I had a question regarding the feeling of loneliness, when we feel lonely at times, it naturally wants us to either interact with others, have companionship with another human, if this aspect is not met, it can start to make us feel low about things that aren't really material, or make us remember events or people in the past etc. When this energy arises (I'm calling loneliness an energy), how should we approach it? For example, when lust arises we're taught to meditate on Guru Ji through Naam simran or reciting Gurbani etc. Would the same thing apply to this energy as well? Or is this energy telling us something? Is it healthy to feel this at times? Should one just ignore it and carry on keeping the mind occupied in other aspects of life? Should one in general avoid trying to interact with people to temporarily fulfill the desire of the loneliness energy to mix with other humans, especially the opposite gender as it can lead to wrong intentions?

I'd appreciate any wisdom from anyone.

Thanks for your time. :)

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answered 2013-09-18 12:43:00 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

No human being can take away your loneliness. It is not possible. People are very afraid to be lonely. So many people tell me, "I am so lonely." You say you are lonely when things don't go your way. Your loneliness is when your ego doesn't get what it wants. Then you say you are lonely. When your ego gets everything it wants, then you are happy. That's a concept of happiness and loneliness which is totally ridiculous.

Actually it is blessed to be lonely! There's no higher bestowed experience of Infinity and divinity but to be lonely, because God is lonely. There's only One God... we don't see any second... so who will He be doing things with? Name the person! God is very lonely. Extremely lonely. When you are lonely, you are forced to be self-fulfilled. It is an automatic process. Self-fulfillment comes only when you become lonely. Because you challenge that loneliness and what it brings to you. And from that you start longing for God and for the Sadhsangat.

We are not constructive and creative within our little unit of our own identity. That is where Sikhi has a concept. There is no guilt in it. Bad and good, 'pale boray umtaare prabh jee pale boray umtaare.' Good and bad, we belong to Guru, belong to God. O God - bad and good as we are, we belong to You.

The concept is to belong to the Guru. It is a deeply felt longing to belong - and in reality! Not just in our thoughts. Not by action and not by creativity. All these karams, all these methods, all these things, do not come through. Love does not manifest by a creating a drama. "Kasam visaare te kam jaat." The soul which does not recognize God is a prostitute, These are Guru Nanak Dev Ji's words.

Loneliness is the path to fulfillment. Go deeper.

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