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Help me out! I am so helpless...

asked 2013-08-02 05:12:49 -0600

anonymous user


Wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh...

I am a girl of 19 years old. I have some seriously issues... We are about to imigrate to India, I have a bestfriend here and also a boyfriend for 2 years now who i have know now for 5 years. My fathers work is not working here its just to hard now and i have accepted to leave everything just for my dad so he can relax. But my bestfriend is telling me not to go and to marry with my boyfriend. The thing is i don't even think that my dad is going to accept it to let me marry at such a young age. Even i dont want to marry yet.. I am only 19. I am about to leave in a few days. And i still don't have the himmat to tel him. I am so helpless so afraid and so scared that he will tel my dad about it to get married. I try to pray everyday but i dont do it... Dont understand why...

Hope that anyone can help me out.

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answered 2013-08-05 02:48:46 -0600

kanwaljit.singh gravatar image

Wait till you are of marriageable age, independent and working. If you still feel the same, then tell your dad. It looks a bit pre-mature now. You are not done your undergrad I guess.

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answered 2013-08-07 15:56:19 -0600

Gurujis Daughter gravatar image

Do Ardaas to Guru Sahib ji to show you the right way. In a house, where Simran, Nitnem and Ardaas is done every single day...those houses are houses of Guru Nanak and they dont have conflicts in them.

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answered 2013-08-10 04:42:22 -0600

nirpakh gravatar image

updated 2013-08-10 04:48:22 -0600

hi,...i am a boy and am from india...i am also facing similer problem...mai tuhanu ehi kehna chunda ki guru granth sahib sanu sach te chalan vaste kehnda ae...sanu sach de raste te chalna chahida ae bhave eh aukha hi kyu na hove...tusi apne dad nu sach na das k relax ya khush kar devoge,eh tuhada sab to vada veham,bulekha nu j khush karna hove ta tuhade kol sari umar ae...mainu pta kuj dukh ta tuhade dad nu hovega par long term vaste sochya jave ta eh dukh kuj v nai hovega j tusi future vich apne dad di khusi vaste kam karo ta...j tusi sahi ho,sach te chal rahe ho,character de v change ho ta tuhunu dar kis gal da?...sade guru sanu kehnde ne k sada rishta kise "soch" de based hona chahida sanu pyar karn vaste mana nai karde...tusi charcterless ta nai ho,sago ik nal honesty kar rahe ho..religion te culture vich difference ae eh tuhanu samaj laina chahida da sikh pooran azad ae te ohnu koi darr nai...par fir v eh soch laina pehla k ki tusi sahi vich hi apne bf nu chunde j ya osna life jina chaunde oh v tuhunu pyar karda ae...tuhadi age bhave marriage vali nahi hai .par j tuhada bf v tuhanu pyar karda ae ta oh tuhadi wait v kar sakda sab ta tuhanu khud hi sochna pavega...pyar karna madi gal nai,..te emotions de nal nal tusi j logic to v kam lvo ta vadiya hovega...apne dil nu puch laina k tusi sachmuch pyar karde j ya sirf moh karde ho....j tusi eh decision lainde ho k bf nal hi marrige karni ae ta apne dad nu das dena...sach dasna jruri ae,wait kari jan nal nuksaan hi hunda hai kade faida nai hunda...j tusi apne dad nu sach das v devoge ta oh tuhanu mar ta nai den lage,ohna nu v tuhade nal pyar mai ehi kehna k soch samaj k decision lvo te sach te chalo...juth bolna te sach bolan di jagah chup rehna eh dove same gal ae....wahe guru g ka khalsa wahuguru ji ki fatah..

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