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The lost Sikhs of Punjab

asked 2013-06-09 12:38:11 -0600

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not that I hate Punjab , not that I am not a Punjabi , not that I have issues with it's infrastructure & it's development... but yes I have major issues with the way the main religion of the state (Sikhism )is getting eroded day by day... I often keep on visiting Patiala , Ludhiana where my cousins live (I am from Del) I find it shocking that the youngsters have completely forgotten their roots.. All the nonsense of show off has got so deep into the psyche of people that I really feel sorry and sad that our Sikhi has come down to such low levels and that too in our religion's place of birth. Then there is a menace of Drugs , foeticide of girl child that's gripping the state (more particularly the countryside) as the time progresses.

The problems that I find mostly with youngsters are: 1)Excessive obsession with showing off be it clothes , Automobiles , digital accessories , properties 2.) Too much of drinking habit, and that too along with family 3.)No interest at all(neither showing nor having) in matters related to sikhi 4.)Justifying Sikhi by some or the other way as per one's convenience e.g. cutting hairs and saying "Sikhi must be in heart" , hurling abuses at other Sikhs particularly on the basis of cast (e.g. Jatts, pappes, chamar) and justifying oneself as pure/true Sikhs like I have seen some Jatts cutting hairs and purely materialistic in nature saying that pappes are cowards , chamars must be kept at a distance.... similarly the so called pappes like khatris, aroras etc. accusing jatts of corrupting religion because "we are the Great ones keeping the Sikhi Swaroop intact ,JUST coz we keep hairs while they don't", the Ramgarias longing for Ramgaria Spouse for their daughter & son. It startles and forces me to think that is this what our gurus taught us? 5.) Believing in Deras, babas hence drifting from essential teachings of SGGS

These are just some , I apologise for hurting , but this is just what I felt from my repeated experiences from visits to Punjab and also what my mamas, maasis keep on telling me... There are also many bigger isuues related to the problems of Society , but my point is that afterall how long the same things will go on and on can't there be a stop to all this every 20 years our Punjab is always at the loggerheads with some problem or the other and that leaves a deep impact on Sikhs as they are the largest in Punjab.. after partition the Punjabi Suba problem, then after a breif lull the worst era of terrorism of 80s , it somehow ended in early 90s , and agian we are faced with gravest problem of Drug abuse , farmer suicide , female foeticide that's again threatening the very base of Sikhi again.. The filthy Punjabi Songs being another major reason for me(though music has been the spirit of Punjab but ... (more)

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answered 2013-06-10 10:40:09 -0600

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oh foolish mind why dont you remember that there is but one cast humanity, why have you forgotten the truth in which you were born, were you born a brahmin shurda or untouchable no, one was born in the house of the lord. what is it that makes a untouchable a untouchable and a brahmin a brahmin. who can stop another from chanting the name of th one lord. for if the untouchables were truely impure what would that make the brahmins. remember oh foolish mind all names and titles are worthless in the court of god for even brahma vishnu and shiva are judged and punished. =========================================================================================- a poem written by me. sounds like something the guru would say. i guess the guru spoke for me in that moment.

Watch my freind the khalsa is rising. 1984 is not to compare. The true khalsa will come and re-sanctify even the most dirties of places.

by the grace of akali nihang kalgidhar guru badja walia shiromani guru gobind singh sahib ji maharaj panth ki vaali shamsher pita sache patshah!

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