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asked 2013-04-30 21:48:00 -0500

GuruJi gravatar image

What is the current state of sikh affairs? Reply asap. Thank you so much! (:

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answered 2013-05-01 22:18:05 -0500

Gurujis Daughter gravatar image

It is CHARDI KALA!!!!!!!!

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answered 2013-05-02 04:55:24 -0500

jas15283 gravatar image

Well the rules were laid well in advance : We know the consequences of crossing the line: jabb eh chalein bipran ki reet .........

choice is with the sikh

Guru saheb also told..... saacha satgur kaya kare jab sikhaan mein chook

but he also points out: Abhey kuch bigroye nahi, leat jo har ko nau

As for the current state of affairs, the challenges, struggles, corruption etc etc were always there...or were they not.

A sikh is expected to see through everything with dignity (the chardi kala)...many pass...many fail at times ... some continue fighting...some give up.... but the point is -can I say that i got my fair chance and continue to do so each time I falter (whether I passed or failed is a different matter which only I can tell the answer).

So going by that, lets say that the panth (made up of sikhs ) is a chain ( sikhs being the links of the chain). Lets say i am the weakest link (pointing out others for weakness may not be the best thing till i know for myself that I have the necessary strength to be the part of the chain). If now I am the weakest link, then i have work to do to become atleast one that can sustain some pressure.

Guru saheb mehar karan


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answered 2013-04-30 22:49:36 -0500

Anonymous sikh gravatar image

Well I must appreciate you for asking the current state of sikh affairs. In order to answer your question it's best if we do realize that it's very complicated to answer. The current state of sikh affairs is going thru a roller coaster which means on one side there some Sikhs who passionate about Sikhi and sikh rehat maryada and then there are some Sikhs who have distanced themselves from sikhi. Today majority of Sikhs have cut their hair and are having interfaith marriages and there are a handful of Sikhs who have still maintained their sikh identity. Therefore the current state of Sikh affairs is complex. Today Sikhs are residing all over the world and in some cases they are facing challenges as how to pass the sikh heritage onto the next generation. Although some Sikhs residing in UK, Canada, Singapore, America, Thailand, Australia, and etc are taking tremendous efforts to preserve the sikh identity, Sikh history, and educating not only the Sikhs but the non-sikh populations as well to who and what the Sikhs are. Do remember this that when a rose grows the thorns will grow along with it. This clearly means that even though that the Sikhs are residing all over the world and they have made great success in which ever country they reside in but they still faced obstacles along the way. Life gives us half glass of water it is up to us whether we see the glass as half full or half empty.

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answered 2013-05-05 15:31:13 -0500

Nihang Gavinpal Singh Khalsa gravatar image

there is no order untill the akali khalsa returns. there is no kesri nishan sahib. only neela and basant. miri piri.

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