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Why Christians,Muslims,Bhudhists and Hindus are so much in numbers where as Khalsa is so much less in number and sometimes also called as the worrior arm of Hinduism.

asked 2019-09-27 03:21:50 -0600

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Today Christians are around 2.4 billion,Muslims are around 1.5 billion,Bhudhists are around 0.5 billion,Hindus are more than 1 billion and Sikhs are around 30 million out of which Khalsa can be around 96 thousand in the World.

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answered 2019-09-27 04:14:56 -0600

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As the Previous age was Piscean age which remained for around 2,000 years in which the pioneer was Jesus Christ and Muhammad who is 1400 years old ,Budha who is more than 1000 years old also influenced a lot of people and Hinduism which is many lakhs years old have been developed in Piscean age to it's maximum strength or numbers.Where as when Sikhism is concerned the establishment of Guru Granth Sahib ji is just 311 years old or establishment of Khalsa is just 320 years old.Guru Gobind Singh ji said that there will be 960 million Khalsa in the future who will bring 5,000 years of peaceful rule to the World meaning that Khalsa who is around 96 thousand in the World today has to increase or expand 1000 times to become 960 million or 96 crores to get fully developed.Yogi Bhajan was the pioneer of Aquarian age he made Khalsa Yogis in the World who believe in Sikh Gurus teachings and also do Kundlani yoga and said that we as the sikhs of the Gurus had carried Siri Guru Granth from generations to generations but don't understood Gurbani by most of the world including sikhs. But after 2038 the New age of Aquarius belongs to Guru Granth Sahib.In my previous question Guruka Singh said that the light of the Dawn will be strongly felt Worlwide in 2038 and i believe that when there will be 960 million Khalsa and they will start ruling the Earth that will be the time the full light or afternoon of Aquarian age will be felt Worldwide.It might take 450 years from now to happen might be in 2469 when will celebrate the 1000 years of Guru Nanak Dev ji Prakash utsav.

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