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dumalla is making me bald

asked 2013-01-09 21:35:08 -0500

anonymous user


updated 2013-01-11 15:15:50 -0500

recently I have noticed that the hair line and the hair behind my hair is starting to retreat. I've tried to tying my dumalla loosely but I doesn't seem to work. is there any thing I can do to help my hair grow back? BTW i'm only a teenager.

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answered 2013-01-13 09:47:24 -0500

Nihang Gavinpal Singh Khalsa gravatar image

OK there is a better way of tying a dummala without using a bunga that twists and pulls your hair in an extream and painfull manner.

instead tie a soft patka ans then the dummala over it releaves the kesh of stress. and you can put shastars in the patka the bunga is very similar

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answered 2013-01-10 16:27:39 -0500

Sardar Sukhmeet Singh gravatar image

Hair gets shorter when you grow, Kesh is living, like you get weaker in old age, if you want hair to grow back, ask your doctor, but if there is a chance of hair removal, say No!

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answered 2013-01-10 17:03:28 -0500

kanwaljit.singh gravatar image

I think it all comes with age. The problem might be escalated in colder countries where the heater gives out dry air. Dry weather is really bad for you. Some suggestions are to comb your kesh twice a day and use min required oil.

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Gotta agree with you

Sardar Sukhmeet Singh gravatar imageSardar Sukhmeet Singh ( 2013-01-10 17:47:58 -0500 )edit

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