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How come Guru Ramdas a Raj yogi ?

asked 2019-07-05 02:12:21 -0500

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updated 2019-07-08 10:32:04 -0500

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Guru Ramdas was a man of service,humility and reciter of God' name.How can he be a Rajyogi he must be considered as a Yogi as he was not a Raja instead Guru Hargobind Sahib ji was a Saint Soldier same as Guru Gobind Singh ji must be considered as a Raj yogi.

I know it is written in Guru Granth Sahib ji that "Raj Yog thakht deeyan Guru Ramdas" but was Guru Ramdas even a wealthy person.Please explain

Instead Yogi Bhajan was a Raj Yogi as when he died a article came in which it was written Boss of Spiritual and capitalist World dies.

I think after Guru Arjun dev ji Sahib the Sikh Gurus became Raj Yogi.As how can be a RajYogi be not a Soldier.I know it is written in Guru Granth Sahib that first five Sikh Gurus were also RajYogi.What is this ?

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answered 2019-07-08 10:32:12 -0500

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updated 2019-07-11 16:18:02 -0500

You have misunderstood the word "Raj" in this context. Raj Yoga is a kind of yoga. The throne of Raj Yoga was given to Guru Ram Das Ji, not by anyone else, but rather because he achieved that state. There are many schools of yoga, but the complete yoga is Raj yoga. That Raj yoga is available to ordinary peoples, to all the Grihisthis, all the people living a family life. It is for everyone. There are four parts to it: Mantra yoga, Kundalini yoga, Tantra yoga and Yantra yoga.

The tragedy today is people who have never experienced Simran, who have not reached and acknowledged the state of Simran, they talk about Simran. Simran is not a Japa, Japa gives the power of Simran, Japa is the repetition of the holy Naam. Diyan is meditation, meditation is not Simran. Meditation is not Simran, but meditation gives you the power of Simran. Yoga, Raj Yoga is not Simran, Raj Yoga is a technology to achieve, receive and conceive Simran. Sehaj yog is not Simran. Sehaj yog is a concept through which you can pursue Simran. Prayer is not Simran, prayer is a prayer to give you the power so that your mind can be set for Simran. In the state of Simran, you do not do anything, God follows you. It is known as Prabhupati.

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