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How do we build patience?

asked 2017-08-24 16:48:04 -0500

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I'm quite impatient. By necessity, I've worked on it, so it's not as bad as it was before. But still, sometimes in life, we have periods of waiting and i guess i'm not very good at waiting and being patient. How do we build this skill?

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answered 2017-08-29 16:18:28 -0500

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You need to slow your breath. The subtle aspect of the breath is the prana or vital force that energizes the mind, body, and consciousness. Most people do not breathe correctly. I see breath signatures that create shallow, erratic, upper-chest breathing very commonly. Of all the positive changes a person can make, learning to breathe deeply, slowly and completely is probably the most effective way to develop patience.

Here's a technique to practice.

Sit in a meditative posture with a straight spine. Relax your hands in any comfortable position. Eyes are closed.

Inhale deeply, and then exhale completely a few times to set yourself and then inhale deep and use the breath to chant the Mul Mantra aloud:

Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Naam, Kartaa Purakh, Nirbhao, Nirvair, Akaal Moorat, Ajoonee, Saibhang, Gur Prasaad, Jap. Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Haybhee Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach.

When you finish the Mul Mantra, hold the breath out and repeat the mantra mentally (silently) with the breath held out. Then inhale deep and begin the sequence again.

TIME: Start with 11 minutes and build up to 31 minutes. When this time is reached you will have a sensation of weightlessness for about 10-15 minutes after completing the meditation.

Practice this at least once per day.

This technique will slow your breath from its usual 15 breaths per minute to around two breaths per minute (depending on the speed with which you recite the Mul Mantra.)

When you find yourself feeling impatient at times throughout the day, just slow down and deepen your breath consciously. You can mentally chant "Waheguru" with each inhale and exhale.

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i'll try this for sure!

strongKaur gravatar imagestrongKaur ( 2017-08-29 20:28:21 -0500 )edit

answered 2019-11-13 10:12:48 -0500

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Patience is like drawing a bow, the more you wait the greater the tension. But worrying is futile, just like all the arrows till now; you will not miss the target with the current one.

ਸਬਰ ਮੰਝ ਕਮਾਣ ਏ ਸਬਰੁ ਕਾ ਨੀਹਣੋ ॥ ਸਬਰ ਸੰਦਾ ਬਾਣੁ ਖਾਲਕੁ ਖਤਾ ਨ ਕਰੀ ॥

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