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Why Sikhs are in a mode of complete denial?

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Personally i have always felt that Sikhism ought to be proselytized aggressively worldwide but i have noticed that majority of the Sikhs opposing the idea of proselytisation.

Now the question arises here is,

  1. Did our Gurus stop the GurSikhs from proselytizing their faith? The answer is not at all, in fact the Gurus themselves preached Sikhi.

  2. Does the SRM (Sikh Rehat Maryada) says that preaching Sikhi is strictly prohibited? The answer is no, no, no.

  3. In the approx. 550 years of the Sikh history, has any Gurdwara including the Akal Takhat issued any Hukamnama(Edict) banning preaching of Sikhism? The answer is a big NO.

Ever since India's independence in 1947, Sikhs have mainly remained in Punjab and Sikhism failed to spread beyond the boundaries of the Indian Punjab. As per the Indian census records of 2011 when the last census was conducted in India, Sikhs are ethnic Punjabis who are not even 2% of the total Indian population. Even in the Province of Punjab, only 57% of the residents claim themselves to be Sikhs and that too most of them are trimmers and clean shaven.

Sikh leaders in the post independent India ought to have proselytized the Sikh faith at least in all the 29 Provinces and 7 Union Territories of the country which they failed to do so.

Even Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib, the Late Yogi Bhajan, an Ex-Customs Officer at the New Delhi Airport preached Kundalini Yoga in the Western World in the last century, he wasn't out preaching Sikhism as is wrongly believed.

Now, the reason why the Sikh leadership doesn't likes the very idea of proselytization is if the non-Punjabis start embracing the Sikh faith in large numbers there is every possibility that the Power Centre of Sikhi tilting from Punjab to somewhere outside Punjab and hence the end of the Punjabi Supremacy. Because in Punjab, Sikhi and Punjabi are synonymous, they don't understand that Sikhi is a faith but Punjabi is a language only. For the Punjabi Sikhs, Sikh means being a Punjabi and particularly if he/she belongs to the Jutt(Jatt) clan then he/she is considered to be the Master of Sikhism.

Please watch this beautiful video of "Basics of Sikhi" on proselytization.

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answered 2016-10-01 14:53:29 -0500

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If the discussion is about starting missionary work on sikhism I'm all for it. Let's take the responsibility on our shoulders of leadership for a better tomorrow and start giving 10% of our net income / dasvandh / tithe towards organisations like Basics of Sikhi.

But then again, will we do it?

Now this will be my personal opinion and I try to use a better way of communicating :

Punjabi sikhs have one view of sikhi which they share on facebook and put words that guru like "Before following dharma, be a human" - Guru Nanak.

image description

However as you learn in school and university, you have to always check your sources when writing a scientific journal.

Now what is our source in sikhism? Shri Guru Granth Sahib. Did guru nanak say that? No. Guru Nanak did not say that.

image description

Where are we getting our Sikhi from? - YouTube

Sri Guru Granth sahib says other thing which breaks alot of these false ideas on what sikhism is to the punjabi sikhs. By preaching bani, sikh teachings and history , alot of them will abandon sikhi on what they thought sikhi was for their purposes and join other religions like christianity and consumerism.

image description

Punjabi Culture has today mutated from a culture on survivability to a mix of survivability and heavy influences of consumerism which made it to such a grotesque creature that wreck havoc in peoples lives, families and environment.

It is all about consuming: Consuming family, friends, drugs, information, food, pleasures, religion and material things etc.

And alot of punjabi youth have to choose between punjabi culture and the western culture of consumerism.

Which is like Between a rock and a hard place.

image description

We have to give them a better alternative.

One big problem facing us is Information consumption like Snapchat, whatsapp, social media etc.

image description

Information Constipation - YouTube

Baljit Singh from Basics of Sikhi also have made a video which I can not find at the moment.

Enough of my ranting. I am not going to write words, I will speak them with my actions by funding Basics of Sikhi and helping with the missionary parchaar stuff.

And about sikh leadership. It has not been in power since Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee or SGPC was formed 150 years ago. But if the sangha choose you to become the next leader would you do it?

image description

Awakening to Leadership - YouTube

I do not know if Jagraj Singh beef is with Jats but I think you do not have to worry about the Jats. Before speaking of that hot topic potato I just want to mention that I was born in the jat tribe and if I remember correctly Jagraj Singh himself is also born to the jat tribe. Not that it makes a difference since it seems like his research led him to make that assessment that outside forces used jat tribe own nature for their own purposes and the destruction that followed as we see today.

Let us continue. This site 24x7 Non Stop Punjabi ... (more)

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