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Yoga is not part of sikhi as drugs and alcohol is not part of sikhi , people use alcohol to stay away from tension and sadness because alcohol freez the mind for some ours , and Yoga is also same in some points , When Guru Nanak dev ji mahraj met some yogis on himalya parwats they had conversation about it because yogi offered Alcohol to Guru mahraj , oh sochdhe c k shraab pin naal smadhi lagdhi hai , then they also talked about Yoga , Yoga freez thoughts of mind for some moments it can be 1 hour 1 day or months eh karan wale te depend krdha hai . but For example a snake get freez in cold stop moving but it doesnt means he dont have any poison inside , when weather get warm he will be snake with poison again . but Guru Mahrag said Sikhi is not about freezing thoughts but cleaning bad thoughts with shabadh . Guru ka shabadh will clean your mind your thought day by day then you will not need to do any physical practice to control it . to understand it clearly you can listen to this wyakhya by Giani Kulwant Singh ji