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Now is the time that you must make a choice. You must choose whether to bathe in your emotions, depression and guilt or to bathe in the healing nectar of the Guru. You cannot do both. It is one or the other.

You are not a victim. You are a KAUR! Be that. Now is the time to show your strength and you cannot do that by feeling sorry for yourself. Take your bundle of pain and lovingly wrap it up in the sacred cloth of your devotion.

Do your mathe tek and keep your head down. Consciously take your bundle of pain and give it to your Guru. Tell Him "I do not want this any more. I do not need this any more. It is not helping me to become who I must be so that I can serve you completely every day. I am giving it to you. It is yours now. Do with it what you will. It is no longer mine."

All love, .....G