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Being a sikh means helping other people, not just other Sikhs, but the population in general and standing up against injustice. It’s hard to know what was going on in someone’s head. Maybe he was shocked and just couldn’t process what was going on. For me, being a Sikh and simply a good human being means helping others. There are varying degrees to which a person helps and that can depend on the amount of risk in the situation. For me, my life is not any more important than someone else’s and I’m willing to risk getting hurt, but it does depends on how and whether its realistic that I can actually help this person, what tools are available, my skills, etc. am I just putting myself in harm’s way, without actually improving the situation for this person? If I am, then there’s other ways to help. He could have stayed with the victim after the attack and helped out, called the police, etc. I don’t know what your role was but you were there too I guess. That must have been hard to watch. It’s painful just to hear about. But we don’t know what was going on in that guy’s head, so its not really fair to judge his actions. I can say I’d do something but then when I get there I could freeze or panic or whatever and not be of help. I hope that answers your questions.