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I agree with the other posts. I know where your emotions are coming from though- it is understandable to be upset. You see your brother is going to get hurt (healthwise and in general), and you want to save him the pain that these drugs will and are doing to him. There’s probably broken trust, and you feel hurt that your brother would ever do this. What people think should not be your motivation here- some people will probably think bad of you, and others may not. But I want to say this- he needs love. He needs unconditional love. He needs to know that his family loves him no matter what. I bet you he feels bad about breaking that promise he made in the gurdwara too, even if he doesn’t admit it. He needs to know that you are there for him to help him through the ups and downs in life, and not just the choices that you approve of. He needs to know you will be there when he needs you, and he needs you now. Please don’t put conditions on that love. (I’m glad your parents didn’t kick him out. How is he going to support himself? It will send him further into the same trap and it will spiral worse, probably doing criminal activities to get money for rent or more drugs). Have you had a conversation where you talk to him about how this all started (and if it was something specific, helping him through that- example, if it was to relax, then finding other ways to achieve that), how is it affecting him, how can you support him/what does he need? Try to imagine what he is going through- everyone is upset with him, he is likely experiencing cravings, withdrawal symptoms (can be severe), etc. Try to help him find some resources. A doctor is a good place to start as they can usually recommend some programs (narcotics anonymous, rehab programs), or meds to help depending on the drugs he uses. They are trained to deal with this kind of stuff. You don’t want to create a situation in which his only support network is friends that do drugs. Now moving onto you, remember you need support too, and that may be in the form of talking to other people/family members/trusted people about how this has affected you and how you can manage the emotions and stress that come with it