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I like Anon’s answer. In addition to treating her as an equal, good communication (just ask her what her expectations are!), trust her, value her, support her, encourage her to reach her goals and dreams. Be honest! (that’s a big one). Be respectful (that includes being respectful of her body, but also her beliefs, etc.). Do not abuse her in any way- DO NOT isolate her, ignore her, cheat on her, be jealous, insult her, control her, make her think everything is her fault, physically or sexually assault her (obviously), or humiliate her. Don’t play games with her feelings. Other things vary from individual to individual and what they want (some women want a partner that’s creative, others want one that’s funny, or knows how to cook, or has a stable job or whatever), but I think the things that I have listed are things that every woman would want in a relationship.