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answered 2016-03-16 14:48:02 -0500

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Please forgive me of this offends anyone. But to the comment above. A woman can experience the same love of guru and the same consciousness.

Society definitely played a part.

For example i heard a sakhi about Bhagat kabir ji. basically a guy came to him because he was ill . Bhagat kabir ji was not home. and his wife told him a mantra . The sick man repeated it and became ok. Bhagat kabir ji was a little upset about this. even a biggest Bhagat had man ego.

Think of ramayan ram doubted his wife even after she passed all the tests. She had to live a life of isolation because of society.

Society definitely played a role. There may have been women who were consciously harmonious with the one. Bu society would probably not accept it.

Another reason could be is that women shyed away. Mai bhago didn't shy away and she was body guard of guru gobind singh ji.

Two factors

1) societal oppression 2) societal oppression conditions women to feel inferior so they never even step up (like a vicious cycle)