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There is an excellent explanation of bibek here. It is, at its simplest level, about purity in lifestyle. It is extremely important that this not become an ego-inflator wherein one feels that he or she is "better than others." Neither should it ever interfere with the fundamental spirit of the Guru's Langar by segregating the Sangat into bibek and non-bibek. As the writer clearly points out, there are varying levels of Bibek and there are also other rehits. No one should be judged for their personal dietary decisions. Diet is a very personal matter and each has to come to his or her own personal understanding of exactly what "you are what you eat" means in their own life. For most of us that evolves as we walk on the path of our Sikhi and learn and understand more about mind/body/consciousness. Again, bibek should never cause separation. As soon as one fails to relate to others with an open heart and loses the experience that the other person IS you, then the deepest core of Sikhi is lost.