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Perhaps you don't need to rely on anyone, but you can choose to. If you have so much love then share it with the rest of humanity and help other people to fend off loneliness and any challenges they face.

You should always try to be natural and not put on an act, but sometimes you need to make an effort to seem nice, friendly, and approachable. This can be hard, but it is important. It is an important part of being a human to be socialize and help one another. You need to "go above and beyond" to show this. In order to serve the faith you need to thin about other peoples needs and taking an interest in them. How can you serve, if you don't understand peoples feelings and needs? Perhaps, you just need to find people with similar beliefs and interests.

I find it somewhat strange, how you phrased this question. Being a recluse is not the way to reach happiness and enlightenment. How are you going to "uplift people", if you never interact with them. There is not some magical love power flowing out of your heart that is going to solve problems and uplift people. That is not how Sikhism works, to show your love you need to act. The Gurus also had an extremely immense love in their souls, but we know this because of their actions of compassion, kindness, and selfless service to other people. Not, because they had some magic love force coming out of their hearts.

This may just be a stage, but loneliness can cause depression and other serious issues. Spiritually, living as an isolated recluse is not looked upon favourably by Sikhism.