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That is definitely not okay for a child. Children need to sleep at least 9 hours a night. It is medically required. Once you over 16, you can bring it down to 8 hours. If you don't sleep properly it will have very serious consequences for your mental health and energy. Soldier saints can't be tired and exhausted, nor face mental degradation. If you do simran from 2:30 and finish school around 3:30, 11 hours of your day are used. With the other 4 hours you need to study (2 hours), eat (1 hour), shower and dress (1 hour), and do work (3 hours). You don't have 18 daylight hours. Besides that I'm sure you also want to socialize and do other things.

I believe that some people pray for hours on end, and it accomplishes nothing. In order to accomplish things and serve Sikhism, you must also act and learn. You must make yourself better for society. When I was in military training and university. I didn't always have time to do phat, but that is okay, because I was working to help Sikhs and serving the religion and our people. You are in school, but by learning and improving yourself you are also serving God.

I'm sure that bettering yourself and serving humanity and the faith, rather then waking up at ridiculous times to pray is a much better way of living.