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I would really be interested in knowing what situation could have been had it be "the other way". Muslims would have called for a jihad and probably the girl could have been killed in what we term as "honour killing".

Ideally speaking there is no problem but practically speaking Islamic practitioners in today's world happen to be the most intolerant people and they widely hold the view that covert as many people to Islam and get a sure shot ticket to heaven, and when it comes to girl getting married to other religion's guy then all hue and cry is made in the name of allah. Thats an apt example of hypocrisy which is disliked by all non-muslims, hence in that context the girl will never get approval of her society and it will make her parent's life hell.

SO IF YOU LOVE HER REALLY FORGET ABOUT MARRIAGE, don't get converted either yourself. Coz Sikhs never believe in forceful or coercive conversion.