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Braham gyaani ki drisht samaan, jaise raj rank ko laage tul pawaan

I am reminded of that famous court room scene from the movie 'Khuda ke liye' where naseerudin shah says ..... deen mein dhaadi hai, daadhi mein deen nahi (a very relevant debate is shown for the beard and dress in islam ... relevant becoz the title of the movie says it all - Khuda ke Liye..... he also says that an 'Aashik' (same connotation from asa ki vaar - aasak eh naa aakhiye) comes to a stage where he desires to look like his/her beloved ...but what are we doing...are we somehow forcing the beginner to set the foot right on the last step of his aashiquee.......

watch for yourself :

I cry myself sometimes that did i really "keeyo shigaar milan ke taaieen, prabh liyo suhagan thook mukh paiyaa"