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As gn says, you are Guru Ji's daughter. He will arrange your affairs if you let him. Take all this time you spend thinking about your own predicament in life and use it to do seva. Remember: your happiness is inversely proportional to how much time you spend thinking about your own predicament in life.

Now is the time to work on yourself, discipline yourself and elevate yourself.

The first thing is to choose who you hang with. Choose people who up-level you, not people who want you to come down to their level. Love everyone but trust everyone to be who they are! People will not change because you want them to. Being with others who want to work on themselves too is called Sadhsangat. Sadhsangat is based on love and uplifting others, not judging people or tearing them down. Be with people who make you feel good about yourself and who you are.

Second, Learn to meditate. Begin a daily sadhana. If you find it difficult to rise regularly in the amrit vela, start little by little, but whatever you do be steady. Establish your base and make it your daily habit. Stretch, exercise, meditate and do at least Japji Sahib out loud. If you cannot read Gurmukhi, read it in English.

Now is the time. Just start. Develop a habit.

Take care of others and let the Guru take care of you. He will arrange all your affairs, marriage included.