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Well, Chaubis Avtar in Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib Ji states "Those who are called twenty-four incarnations; O Lord ! they even could not realise thee in a small measure". These "twenty-four incarnations" are speaking of the twenty-four avtars of Vishnu (some claim there are 10 avtars, others 24). Krishna claimed to be entirely God, no other but he. This was insanely egotistical and he used his sidh/mystical powers to "prove" it, though it is of course not true. How can he be God if he committed such a lie? This can be proven to the Vaishnavites (devotees of Vishnu) by showing them Yajurveda, a one of the four holy Vedas of Hinduism, which states "There is no image of Him", and thus he is Nirankar (formless).

But, then again, another form of Vishnu, Rama, fought evil tyrants and had to save his wife Sita from danger, along with the help of Hanuman and his army. He was a true soldier-saint, and thus was good.

Gurbani says that there are ten incarnations of Vishnu, but not the ones commonly referred to. Guru Gobind Singh listed the good and bad 'avtars' in Chaubis Avtar and showed which ten are truly Vishnu, and which fourteen are not. From the Primal Void, the ten incarnations welled up - Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Those devotees of Vishnu like Dhru and Prehlad reached liberation because the true Vaishnava path is true, but almost lost. But of course we believe Sikhism is the truth above all other truths. Guru Amar Das says, "Vishnu is always busy reincarnating himself - who will save the world?" Waheguru will save the world. Though Vishnu's path is true, that of Sikhi is true above truth itself.

So Vishnu is real, and is a deity, but he still sings at the door of God (stated in Japji Sahib) and is just life you and me because he has jeevan (soul).

Akaaal! I write this on Vaisakhi, so I hope you have/do have a blessed one!

The Fool