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None of that matters. The past is gone. It does not exist. Gurbani says, “I am not good, and no one is bad.” and “No one is higher or lower than anyone else.”

You bring positive and negative karmas from past lifetimes. That is why sometimes life seems unfair. All you have to do is accept what happens to you like it’s a gift, thus you pay your karmas, and move on. However if you live in unawareness you can be perpetually miserable. This is hell on earth.

Your current circumstance is predetermined by your past karmas. Whatever has ever happened before was supposed to happen, but whatever is going to happen is co-created by you and the karmic leanings of your past.

Don't waste time and energy worrying about your worthiness. You have taken these steps toward the Guru. Now the Guru will take 1,000 steps to you.

Your predetermination can be changed by the Guru and your slate can be wiped clean spontaneously. This can happen if you fully let go of your ego. Just surrender to the Guru completely. The time is now.