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Remember that anyone who insults one of Guru Gobind Singh's daughters is for sure a manmukh. As our guru says, "The slanderer tells lies, and later regrets and repents. He wrings his hands, and hits his head against the ground. The Lord does not forgive the slanderer". Now, whatever people harshly say to you is slander and lies. A daughter of the Tenth Master is beautiful and perfect. Just remember not to hate people who speak like this to you. Feel bad for them. They will not again take this human form. Bhagat Kabir Ji once had a slanderous neighbor who foolishly spoke of Kabir Ji day and night. When the neighbor died, Kabir Ji was very sad, not as others had expected. Remember that they speak falsely, but love them anyway. As Jesus Christ once said, "Hate the sin, love the sinner".

Don't become egotistical in this either though. As a janitor inspects and clears away trash, but then he brings it to himself and it becomes his. While people speak harshly to you, do not repeat their actions and say how bad they are. They have been trapped in the poisoning vines of Maya, and they need your love.

I hope this helped!